Edible Art Paint by Sweet Sticks - Tips and Tricks

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We want to give you the right head start in using Edible Art Paints so we've created a few tips & tricks to get started. 

Tip 1. Shake well! We know the packaging says it but we really mean it.

Tip 2. If you like, cover your paint pallet with some cling wrap to avoid hard washing up! When you’re done simply throw out the cling wrap and wrap again.

Tips 3. Try different paint brushes. Some don’t streak, some do. Sponge brushes are also a great way of applying the paint. 

Tip 4. Start with a little. Its alcohol based so it will evaporate on your pallet. A little goes a long way so while you're getting to know your paints, Start with a little.

Tip 5. It’s a different medium to what you are probably use to working with. One of its points of difference is that it dries quickly. That means you can get your cakes out quicker!  You simply need to add more paint as you go and if it dries on your pallet before you're finished simply add a drop of rose spirit to make it come alive again. 

Tip 6. Get creative and make your own colours too! All paints are made are at the same consistency so by all means, go colour crazy!

Tip 7. Sponge application works amazing on fondant, buttercream (cold of course) and royal icing cookies. So get your sponge on!

Tip 8. Have a glass of hot soapy water on hand along with some paper towel. When you have finished with one colour, wash your brush gently & immediately and dry with the paper towel. Or if you’re forgetful like me you can simply put some dishwashing liquid in your hand, wash the brush in the liquid and rinse with hot water afterwards.

Tip 8. If you are after a water colour effect, simply add rose spirit to you palette along with Edible Art Decorative Paints until you have the right consistency.



We would love to display your work here. Just send in pictures of projects using Edible Art paint and we will display them with credits.