Edible Icing Sheets & Wafer Paper

WAFER PAPER  (Rice Paper)

Our premium wafer paper is manufactured by one of the most recognised brands in the world - PRIMUS - the leader in wafer paper since 1916.

Wafer paper is manufactured from only potato starch, water and olive oil can be used in many ways..  It can be used for edible printing, confectionary,  wrapping nougat and fudge, edible packaging, even edible branding on bread and many other products.

Primus wafer paper is made from Dutch potatoes. Primus consider this starch to be the best source for wafer paper and have relied on the consistent quality of the Dutch potato for over 100 years.

It is 100% natural, vegetarian, bio-degradable and a very versatile product. 

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Our Premium Velvet Lemon Tree icing sheets were developed to be so easy to handle and produce beautiful clear and sharp images with vivid colour.  They have a smooth white surface and are easy to separate from the backing sheet. As well they have a great mild vanilla taste and are Gluten Free.


  • Feed clear edge of  sheet into printer first. They are designed this way to help the printer pickup and feed the sheet.
  • Keep the ziplock bag tightly closed at all times or the sheets will dry out and crack.
  • Go to your Printer Setup Screen. Use "High Quality" print mode and "Matt Photo Paper" settings for best results.
  • In winter (or when cold), sheets may become brittle and crack. You can soften sheets by placing the sealed pack in a slightly warm oven or sitting them on a heat mat for a short period. Heat mats for reptiles and pets are really good for this and can be bought at a pet shop or online. Alternatively you can use a steamer to gently warm the underside of the sheets before printing.
  • If you are having trouble separating the image from the backing sheet you can try placing the printed sheet in the freezer for a few minutes or gently warming it.  One or both methods will work depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.