Edible Gold & Silver Leaf

Original Artisan Gold is Japan's No 1 Gold Leaf Brand

Established in 1975 and located in Kanazawa Japan, Hakuichi quickly became Japan's leading brand providing 100% natural gold made for eating. 

In October 2007 Artisan Gold became the world's first and only edible gold producer ever to be awarded with the highest food rating, and received internationally recognised ISO22000:2005 & HACCP certification. Original Artisan Gold is proud to deliver world class edible gold.

Pioneered and Made in Japan

Culinary use of edible gold first originated in Kanazawa Japan by artisans made famous by their samurai craftsmanship. Edible gold was originally used in traditional Japanese green tea before becoming widespread in desserts and liquor. Original Artisan Gold continues this tradition today in Kanazawa Japan, crafting the world's most famous edible gold made by two master artisans whose training took 10 years to develop in this rare skill. Original Artisan Gold's expertise and flexible manufacturing system includes the initial gold smelting, creating the gold leaf, and then final product.