Edible Silk Range by Rainbow Dust


The Edible Silk Range lustre dusts are a colourful range of 100% edible, fine dusts, with a soft shimmery finish and a hint of sparkle. The 40+ colours can be blended together to give  deeper colours or a softer finish, for example; by adding pearl white to purple planet will result in a softer lilac shade.

Their main use is to brush dry onto cakes covered in sugar paste which has been left to dry overnight (brushing the lustre dust directly onto a newly iced cake can cause the lustre to appear patchy), when applying it is worth noting that the larger surface area you want  to cover is best done with the largest dusting brush you have and by putting some of the lustre first onto kitchen paper to load the brush and knock off any excess, cutting out the risk of applying too much lustre in one spot, a large make up bronzing type brush is ideal, and by using a  small dusting brush can be dusted onto a more detailed item ie: sugar flower and sugar shapes etc.

It can also be used on cookies and biscuits by again brushing on dry, either onto a plain biscuit or one that has been finished with sugar paste or royal icing.

Lustre dust can also be used as a paint by mixing a small amount of Paint Creator or Rose Spirit with the dust until the required consistency is achieved. It can be used thinner for painting onto cakes to achieve a water colour look or thicker to highlight areas of work, to  tips of sugar flowers, to paint letters cut from flower paste, and to paint over piped royal icing designs. Do not mix the lustre dust with water to make a paint as it will not mix correctly and go lumpy.